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Mrs. Miriam Plummer (age 86, Bromley)
"I fell over in my allotment and was able to get up without the aid of my stick. Had it not been for the yoga, I would not have been able to get up unaided."
Matt Roberts
"Had a fantastic healing session with Khalid. Very relaxing. Recommended!"
Kellie Cowlishaw
"Had an Indian Head Massage from Khalid. Very relaxing!"
Mr. K. Jobanputra (age 76, Kingsbury)
"After your sessions I felt more balanced and co-ordinated."
Simon Dudley (age 27, Brighton)
"The classes were very relaxing and alleviated the tension in my body."
Mrs.Beryl Dangerfield (age 80, Bickley)
"After only a few sessions of the meditation I could see different colours (of the chakras) with my eyes closed. I love the slow, graceful movements and feel them to be beneficial in my everyday life."
John Tillyard (Cornwall Chiropractic Clinic)
"As a chiropractor I believe that Yoga can benefit many of my patients who present with underlying musculo-skeletal problems. I find Khalid to be both sensitive and very knowledgeable of how the body works, offering real tangible support to his clients. I also attend his classes myself."

Terms & Conditions.

Terms and Terminology.

In these terms and conditions, references such as “our” , "we", "us", "I", "The Institute of Endrian Yoga" and "Endrian Yoga" refers to "The Institute of Endrian Yoga" and its owner Khalid Beg.

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Booking a Service or Therapy.

The client can book a service or therapy by either calling "The Institute of Endrian Yoga" on 01736 757 919 or by using the contact form on the "The Institute of Endrian Yoga" website. The booking request will be confirmed by either telephone or email by Khalid Beg.


"The Institute of Endrian Yoga" will accept payment by cash or cheque only. Unfortunately we do not accept any type of debit, credit card or bank transfer.

Risks of Injury.

Although "The Institute of Endrian Yoga" will take all reasonable effort to avoid injury to its clients, "The Institute of Endrian Yoga" does not take any responsibility for injury.

"The Institute of Endrian Yoga" rely on information the client may have provided them before the service about any current health risks, or potential injury that may result from the therapy or training. We will accept no liability for any injury which arises out of incorrect or incomplete information provided by the client.

We highly recommend that you seek medical advice before any therapy is received, if you have any outstanding medical conditions.

The client's health will remain the sole responsibility of the client. However, we will try our very best to limit the risk of any injury while performing therapy or training.

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